Thursday, August 25, 2011


time for another round of 'movies marissa could watch a zillion times'!  today's special?  desperately seeking susan.  i was a preschooler when it came out, and frankly, that was madonna's heyday.  (thought you guys would enjoy my young mother's choice of halloween costume for her four-year-old that year.)  i can't imagine that anyone out there has never seen this gem, but if you haven't, pour yourself a class of wine and settle in for a home pedicure while it's playing.  you'll become wistful for 1980s new york and increasingly interested in overweight earrings.  i'd give you a strong plot summary, but i've got amnesia.


  1. i HAVE to see this movie. also, i hate whoever bought this dress. it is so cute and so my size. blarg.


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