Monday, October 24, 2011

etsy: supayana

a hundred years ago i was asked to walk in a little fashion show.  (apparently my really serious ebay vintage modeling reputation preceded me.)  this is hilarious because i am short.  but a friend of a friend's friend was coming to orlando from brooklyn to show her latest collection, and i said yes as soon as i heard the name: supayana.  i'd seen her pieces go for oodles on ebay, and loved her girly aesthetic and unique knack for piecing tops and dresses together in ways you wouldn't expect.  i met yana the day of the show and we really hit it off; i've loved watching her career blossom ever since.  the other day when she linked her newest endeavor on facebook, i immediately told her that i almost wanted to get pregnant just to stick my baby in these adorable pieces.  instead!  i'll show you all.  {supayana baby on etsy!}


  1. Hey Marissa!!! Teehee thanks for the blog post! Aw that fashion show in Florida was really fun! Thanks again for your help with that.

    I first got into the idea of baby clothes when I was in Paris. Their baby clothes are incredible...they look like mini adult clothing! Lots of neutral colors, beautiful fabrics, etc.

  2. Oh gosh, this pieces are so so pretty! And really unique, you couldn't tell this is a brand, it looks tottaly one.item.thing!!


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