Tuesday, November 8, 2011

adventures in thematic eating

i'm laid up in bed with one of those colds that has you feeling nauseous; it's been trying to fully attack for an entire week now, and this morning it has won the battle and i'm officially sick.  the rational part of my brain says, "hey- i bet frolicking through that crazy new york city snowstorm for hours last saturday did this to you!"  the other weird part of my brain, however, is certain the pumpkin did it.  THE PUMPKIN.  skinny lattes of the steamy and iced varieties, muffins, cupcakes, bagels, an intimidating gluten-free birthday cake, frozen yogurt, a gas station donut?!  i mean, i didn't eat it all at once; i promise there was some sort of moderation in there.  but maybe not enough.  absolutely, unequivocally, no more pumpkin... until thanksgiving.  i swear, guys.  now pass those pumpkin-scented tissues.
oh, and for the record, though i tore across town to buy peppermint-flavored everything once i heard it was in stock at trader joe's, i sent most of it to a joe's-less boy in florida.  i quite literally CANNOT even go there.

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