Thursday, November 10, 2011


surely you know how delicious babycakes cupcakes are and how adorable their little broome street nook is.  i put in a few good vegan years in my early twenties, and though i now eat every egg in sight, vegan baking still excites me!  i gave my mom this bookfor her birthday last month, and yesterday i rolled up my sleeves to bake some gluten-free donuts for her poor, bread-deprived soul.  truly just as delicious as the back dustcover touts!  this book rules.  vegan and gluten-free recipes for every sweet treat under the sun, photos of cute bowtie-clad ladies, and witty commentary to boot.  pineapple upside down cake's next on the agenda!

1 comment:

  1. so glad that this recipe turned out well! i was (and still am) so furious that the icing recipe from the first book i attempted that recipe so many times and wasted like $40 of coconut oil. :(


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