Wednesday, November 16, 2011

j. cute

i generally stay away from j. crew's website because I'M NOT MADE OF MONEY, though i do feverishly tear through the catalog when it lands in my mailbox every few weeks (no one really makes purchases from paper catalogs!  only collages!).  but tonight i saw that center image floating around the internet and clickity-clicked on over.  ugh, so good right?  i'm divulging an embarrassing secret by telling you that i'm almost completely packed for my ten-day vacation; the one that doesn't commence until next tuesday.  but the point of all of this?  those are my colors, dude.  copious layering options in these very colors- the salmon (ew?) coat, red shoes, shrunken blazer- all of this is in my to-go pile!  all ready for delta to lose my suitcase in crazy, home alone style thanksgiving transit!  11 more cute looks here.  (feel free to buy this for me, in navy, while you're at it.)


  1. my sister sent me a feverish text message the other day, at 2 AM, to inform me how adorable the j crew oeuvre is right now....

    i try to avoid their website as well, as i am wealth-challenged, and their sizes often do not fit me so i get disappointed.

    have fun on your trip!

  2. Uh, those outfits are so cute! Love the colors!

    Camila Faria

  3. aka why i can't quit my job (working for them)


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