Monday, November 21, 2011


last week i walked along the 30+ block virginia beach boardwalk at dusk, the one evening of the season people are allowed to cruise through the annual light festival on foot.  i loved it.  giant, multi-story animated light sculptures as far as the eye could see.  one for each of the twelve days of christmas!  a couple elves and sugarplum fairies, a lonely looking menorah.  appropriately themed nautical bits: sharks ready to attack, fish spitting water in an arc you walk right under, santa on a pirate ship?  why not!  oh, and my favorite- a curiously placed twinkling tyrannosaurus rex, without so much as a candy cane in his tiny claw!  they're the same every year, and i'm stoked every time i see them.

tomorrow morning i'm headed south to a much warmer beach for holiday hugging, the world's most delicious bagels, and palm trees adorned with twinkle lights.  i've got a serious thing for those.  i want lots of holiday kitsch this year, and i want it bad!  have a very lovely thanksgiving, friends.  i know i will.

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