Wednesday, December 7, 2011

christmassy bits

typically i like my christmases nice and 70s.  thrifted vintage decor that i can take right back to goodwill in january; the kitchier the better!  i decorate in a day, then spend the rest of december planning my annual holiday rager.  this year, something's shifted.  maybe it's because i'm now 30 and therefore an adult, or maybe it's because nearly every blog i follow is that of a married mama (the most stylish and witty ones, of course!), but i find myself caring about new things.  like, ornaments?  i spent a really long time scouring the net for the perfect ornament to gift my special someone.  that thing's sticking around for years to come, it's not a decision to be made lightly!  also, crafting?  i'm not big on the crafting, never have been.  i admire really nicely handmade things for sure, but stuff that screams CRAFT! has never been my bag.  except in december!  in december i check martha stewart's site before i check the day's news, and if this past weekend's any indication, i'll be clocking an average of 60 trips to a.c. moore this month.  i suddenly want to slap paint on everything.  and i've shoved all sorts of materials into my sewing machine that surely don't belong there.  aaaaaand let's not even broach the subject of festive baking, you guys.  i'm still recovering from last year.  here are a couple sweet ideas i've pinned lately.  we're only a week in, i'm sure i'll have lots more to share soon!


  1. will you adopt me and be my 70's mom?!

  2. Oh wow! These photos are amazing. I love the "Joyeux Noel" on the mirror. That's our last name, so I really try to incorporate "noel-themed" decor around Christmas. (Cheesy, I know.) But I have the perfect mirror to try something like that!

    I followed over here from Nat the Fat Rat. I love finding new blogs, so I'll be back to read some more for sure. If you want to come say hi, I blog over at reverie.



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