Thursday, December 22, 2011

an ode

i'm up bright and early waiting for a very important phone call about a very important christmas gift.  did i procrastinate on my holiday shopping or shipping?  no!  but always, there's that ONE gift that requires multiple steps to perfect.  step one: ordering it from spain?  no sweat, did that in early november!  nonetheless, if all goes as promised (knock on wood), i'll get this gift wrapped (see above!  i did that!) this morning and drive only five miles over the speed limit to... THE POST OFFICE.

on the subject of holiday shipping... allow me to vent.  oh no, not about how my mailman, who usually drops the mail off by 2pm, isn't arriving with my christmas cards and nylon until well after sundown this week.  and not about how the post office parking lot incites riots, or how once you make it inside, you're welcomed by a line that twists every which way.  because hello america, IT IS CHRISTMAS.  and guess what?  every single year of your life, christmas has fallen on the same day!  you totally knew it was going to happen.  yet, all my avid people watching catches snarls, moans, gasps of shock and surprise, and even profanity from customers upon entering the hallowed halls of shipping???  so today, i will anticipate spending two hours braving the parking lot, waiting in line (it's why we have words with friends!), and placing my already-packaged-correctly* parcel on the counter, and i will do it with cheer!  [*biggest pet peeve!]  might i be greeted by a disgruntled face at that counter?  you'd think so, they're certainly entitled!  but nope- every single u.s. postal service employee i've seen and interacted with this week has been a smiling, helpful, patient beacon of christmas light.  man, can you even fathom what their days must be like?!  i surely cannot.  so THANK YOU, lovely postal workers.  because getting this gift to someone i love would not happen without you.  if it arrives on the 26th?  no sweat, i waited til today to ship it.

ps- this should go without saying.


  1. i read the words "post office" and the phrase "oh shit" came right out of my mouth. thanks for reminding me i need to get some gifts out today!!

    ps. your wrapping is way nicer than mine. mine is the amazon packaging the gift came in...

  2. ps, there is a give a way on my blog! It would look so cute in your hair and is SO your style!


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