Tuesday, February 21, 2012

coffee & tv

my fabulous florida vacation is over and this photo does nothing to convey its illustriousness, but you're stuck looking at it anyway.  (although, if we want to get technical, i did score that anthro sweater at a vulgar markdown while there, and i'm way into the ten-days-with-my-man glow i've got going on.  just indulge me.)  have you spent any time in south florida?  sunshine and warm weather are constant, there's more leopard print on the elderly community than in your local hipster dive bar, and the bagels.  THE BAGELS.  i ate about three times my weight in carbs on that trip, and when i overheard a couple retirees gab about living half the year in new york and half the year down there, i realized how very brilliant that is.  i spent hours staring at the ocean, and watching the sky as the sun rose and set above it.  and seriously you guys, the food.  that sundae was worth the line we stood in for a table, and i feel it's important you know that i experienced tempura-fried pickles and am forever changed.  i've decided i'm a gastrotourist, you know.  (albeit a vegetarian one, so anthony bordain'll want nothing to do with me.)  and now i'm back home, eating watery canned soups and celery, feeling happy and in love with the memories of the past week and a half, but sort of deflated too.  (the canned soup.)  and downton is over?!  though bethenny swooped in to take its place on my DVR, i feel a little less classy without the 'masterpiece' bit.  and the two pairs of leopard print jeans i was obliged to buy in sofla definitely aren't helping.


  1. That is a fabulous iphone cover, is it kate spade?

  2. see, i'm annoyed because i bookmarked your blog on my 1phone home screen but it never refreshes, sigh.

  3. Your sweater is spectacular; beautiful photo!


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