Wednesday, February 1, 2012


hello february, all 29 leaping days of you!  february's a good'un: so many sweet friends' birthdays, superbowl commercials, and valentine's day!  say what you will about the 14th's right to claim holiday status; i freaking love hearts.  the second target dumped all their crazy lovey $1 garbage onto the sales floor last month, i pilfered through it.  (i've been uncomfortably into doilies lately.)  i'll never have too many heart-shaped containers, love-emblazoned socks, or red stationery.  i have no expectations of significant others to embrace this stuff the way i do (bless their hearts).  i'm super happy with a few extra kisses, and a smidge of leeway when i transform a corner of his universe into the majesty depicted above.  {LOTS more ideas on my pinterest.  ahem, mini heart pizzas.}  now keep your eyes peeled for that groundhog!


  1. Oh! The white lights and paper doily hearts! Be still -my- heart! I'm going to have to give and start using pinterest. Hehe


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