Tuesday, February 7, 2012

miss manners

how many of your dates look like this?  in the last four years all of my mother's rigorous lessons in table manners have been blown out of the water by the iphone.  oh, but i used to be so good!  only pulling my trusty palm magician out to settle "what movie was she in?" debates, or to shazaam a catchy tune from the privacy of a gap fitting room.  then things happened.  like, my boyfriend started looking extra cute every time we sat down to lunch.  and then i'd bat my eyelashes and ask him to check movie times, so i could sneak a photo to remember his cuteness always.  this of course led to instagramming his unreasonably handsome iphone glance, and next thing you know?  i'm rude.  a really rude date who can't seem to put her phone away.  i tried to earn his forgiveness by choosing a few favorite instagrammed-for-posterity moments we've shared, and turning them into magnets for valentine's day.  i've already given them to him though, because in addition to being rude, i'm also impatient.  
i've made so many fanciful stickygrams that they sent me my own special discount code to give to YOU, so you can get $2 off your order and apologize to your date too!  use code stylebook456 at checkout, now til february 18th!  it's the polite thing to do.

1 comment:

  1. lol. being rude + impatient sounds like my favorite pairing of virtues. ive also fallen into the same tech trap. i drive me nuts sometimes.


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