Saturday, March 3, 2012


popping in for a little saturday morning public service announcement.  maybe, if you're in the second or third decade of your life, you're not interested in fiction that is very clearly marked YOUNG ADULT.  i don't talk about books nearly as often as i should here, so this might not carry a lot of weight since you have no idea what sort of things i read; but i can promise, i'm no nerd.  (okay, i can't promise that.)  if you have not read the hunger games trilogy, just do it.  these books are good.  if we're friends "irl", i've been telling you to for the last two years, loaning out my copies, and even permanently bestowing them upon a very carefully chosen recipient when i moved away from jacksonville.  this is serious business!  

you've got a few weeks, at least read the first one before you see the movie.  get sucked in, paint your own portraits of each character.  i promise none of them will look like lenny kravitz.

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  1. I just finished Mockingjay last week! I was sooo hooked and read all three books very quickly. The movie can't come soon enough!!


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