Saturday, April 28, 2012

baby baby

i've gushed about my little sister's knitting skills here often, and she keeps churning out the gorgeous pieces, so the gushing won't stop anytime soon!  a month ago she was itching for a new project- something she hadn't yet attempted- and i shyly asked if she'd think about knitting baby booties.  i tossed out a few (sincere!) "if it's too hard, you don't have to..."s, but crossed my fingers that she'd give it a whirl.  she's never met mark's sister, but the girl loves babies, and shared in my excitement for the twins' arrival.  didn't those booties come out beautifully?!  last night i visited almost-3-week-old andrew and emily, and still feel certain holding a baby that weighs only five pounds and some change is one of the most awe-inspiring things ever.  i love those booties, their mama loves them, and i bet one day they'll think it's pretty crazy that their feet were ever so tiny.  love my sis!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


while driving sunday afternoon, mark suddenly pulled off onto a side street and asked, "wanna see a cool tree?"  duh.  so i whipped out my trusty phone to take a photo of cool-tree just in time to capture my boyfriend swinging from one of its vines.  photo of the week i'd say!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

saturdate: ikea

the first week at my new job was a fantastic whirlwind!  at about 6pm last night,  i stretched out on the couch and proclaimed to mark, "this is my favorite time of the week!"  that cusp of the weekend, when the possibilities seem endless; when you feel like you've really earned yourself a nice brunch and a stroll on the beach.  and of all the things i could do with my saturday night?  i wanted to drive 45 minutes to ikea (i'm still nesting), strategically timing it so we could order everything we wanted in the cafe and call it dinner.  my swedish boyfriend's been dying to try the swedish meatballs.  date night!

Monday, April 16, 2012

9 to 5

today's my first day at a new job.  grown up, using my degree, decorating my very own office type stuff.  i couldn't be more excited!  of course i won't talk about it much here, but after four years of freelancing and piecing together talents and income in the middle of a tough recession, i'm so ready for rigid schedules and busy workweeks.  i share this with you because i'm thinking things might change just a teeny bit around here.  i hope you'll let me continue sharing photos of my adventures, because the fun is plentiful in this new hometown of mine!  but maybe the inspirational images and clothes (the clothes!) sourced from other spots around the web will lessen.  (just last night i realized i'd barely  played on pinterest in two weeks: gasp!)  you guys will have to start emailing me the cool stuff you see on the internet, okay?  xoxo!

Monday, April 9, 2012

easter treats

a few shots from the weekend!  when i flipped through my photos from the last couple days, i laughed.  easter always calls for pastels, but down here in south florida the hot pink rules.    my 70s florals and leopard prints teeter dangerously on the edge of boca grandma, but i think i should just embrace it huh?  another anomaly i plan to embrace: there are so many treats here.  do retirees have intense sweet tooths (teeth?), or am i just more aware of sugar when it's presented extra adorably?  despite the copious bakeries in this town, i baked some silly boxed mix cupcakes to try and impress mark's nephew on easter sunday.  it totally worked.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

southern living

happy easter!  passover!  spring!

Friday, April 6, 2012

best april

my first week back in florida has flown by!  it's been at once lazy and vacation-like, and busy busy busy.  my couple nights at the lakehouse last weekend were so great: girlfriends and homemade pizza, a sweet reunion with my favorite five-year-old (dude- kids change A LOT in eleven months!), and plenty of lounging in front of episodes of too cuteonce i finally reached my new home in delray beach (that last photo is my backyard!  actual backyard!), i did some serious closet unpacking and boyfriend snuggling.  job interviews and BABIES happened this week too!  twins!  mark's niece and nephew were born two days ago and i got to hold two delicious-smelling 5-pound angels in my arms yesterday!  as i sit here and type this... i'm realizing what a rad week it really was.  here's to the weekend, friends!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

south of the border

growing up, family vacations typically involved the three of us kids being corralled into a mini van, armed with walkmen, books, and travel games.  (no ipads or portable televisions!  however did we manage?!)  in fact, after flying from hawaii to florida when i was four, i didn't get on an airplane again until i was in college!  living in the south most of my childhood, i can't even begin to guess how many car rides up and down i-95 i've endured.  if you've done it, you know those famous neon billboards:  200 miles to go!  100 miles to go!  3 miles to go!  my brother and i once tallied them as we passed- at least sixty!  yet, no matter how many billboards we counted, mom and dad never gave into our pleas to stop at good ol' south of the border.  the few times i've driven past it as an adult, you can bet i've always stopped!!!  (for food or lodging... god no.)  friday i found myself making amazing time and reaching this rainbow wonderland at about 8:45am.  so i stopped.  for like an hour.  for the blog.  this is for all of you whose parents said no.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

i-95 via iphone

i made it!  friday i was en route for exactly 14 hours (including an hour spent dawdling at south of the border at 8am!) through five states, and my friends followed my trusty toyota's progress via my instagram feed.  by the time i hit georgia i felt like i had so many cheerleaders!  it was pretty awesome.
(virginia/north carolina (no filter!)/south carolina/georgia/florida!)
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