Saturday, April 28, 2012

baby baby

i've gushed about my little sister's knitting skills here often, and she keeps churning out the gorgeous pieces, so the gushing won't stop anytime soon!  a month ago she was itching for a new project- something she hadn't yet attempted- and i shyly asked if she'd think about knitting baby booties.  i tossed out a few (sincere!) "if it's too hard, you don't have to..."s, but crossed my fingers that she'd give it a whirl.  she's never met mark's sister, but the girl loves babies, and shared in my excitement for the twins' arrival.  didn't those booties come out beautifully?!  last night i visited almost-3-week-old andrew and emily, and still feel certain holding a baby that weighs only five pounds and some change is one of the most awe-inspiring things ever.  i love those booties, their mama loves them, and i bet one day they'll think it's pretty crazy that their feet were ever so tiny.  love my sis!

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