Wednesday, April 4, 2012

south of the border

growing up, family vacations typically involved the three of us kids being corralled into a mini van, armed with walkmen, books, and travel games.  (no ipads or portable televisions!  however did we manage?!)  in fact, after flying from hawaii to florida when i was four, i didn't get on an airplane again until i was in college!  living in the south most of my childhood, i can't even begin to guess how many car rides up and down i-95 i've endured.  if you've done it, you know those famous neon billboards:  200 miles to go!  100 miles to go!  3 miles to go!  my brother and i once tallied them as we passed- at least sixty!  yet, no matter how many billboards we counted, mom and dad never gave into our pleas to stop at good ol' south of the border.  the few times i've driven past it as an adult, you can bet i've always stopped!!!  (for food or lodging... god no.)  friday i found myself making amazing time and reaching this rainbow wonderland at about 8:45am.  so i stopped.  for like an hour.  for the blog.  this is for all of you whose parents said no.

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