Wednesday, May 30, 2012


for mark's 30th birthday this july, we're going to mexico for five days!  we'll see chichen itza (M's second wonder of the world; my first!), and spend time in beautiful tulum.  plane tickets are purchased, hotel rooms are booked-- all that's left to do is wait.  we're so excited!  when we told my parents about the trip, my dad's face immediately lit up (we were skyping!) since mexico trips with his parents are some of his favorite memories.  while at epcot last week, i texted dad photos of the chichen itza replica (you know... the one that's got the big mexican restaurant and three caballeros ride inside).  a few days later i got an email from him with scans of slides from their trip to the real deal in 1970.  look at my cute aunt!

i figure i better save my pesos, because i can only imagine the sorts of treasures i'll want to buy while in mexico.  and i want to treat mi novio guapo to birthday dinner here!  this means one thing-- sale in my vintage shop!  between now and july, use code MEXICO at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase.

have you been to the yucutan peninsula?  tell me everything!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

fruit by the foot

a few more snaps from the last few days.  did i mention that during the summer months i only work until 1 on fridays?  JOB PERK.  as far as i'm concerned, we had ourselves a four-day weekend, and i'm exhausted.  from all the fun.  lately i've been craving a lazy day of laundry, snacking in front of an oddities marathon, and forgetting to shower until 5pm.  that dream is somehow always thwarted and i'm not complaining, but i'm also not remedying the situation.  a text inviting us to spend next weekend at a family beach house chimed in last night, and was instantly met with a "hell yeah!"  so, it looks like we'll drive 3.5 hours north from our beach to theirs this friday at 1.  it's freakin' summer, right?!  go go go go go!

Monday, May 28, 2012

no blues

my goodness, THIS is how three-day weekends should be done!  any sort of sunning, relaxing, indulging, and general summering we could conceive of was done in the last few days.  we won't be in america on july 4th (more on that later this week!), so i made sure to get all my reds, whites, and blues in order for today.  happy memorial day!  hope those bbqs treat you right!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

summer duds

best place to do your memorial day weekend sale-ing!  no lines!
tons of new additions to my vintage shop all weekend; keep checking back!

Friday, May 25, 2012

couldn't resist

now it's time to say goodbye...
to all my disney world photos.  i bet you're glad!  thanks for indulging me; i had such a fun three days with my friends last weekend!  i'm not even a disney fanatic- that place is just too good if you're as into photographing all things adorable as i am.  we'll definitely be back soon, since one of the biggest perks of living in florida is the insane discount we get at theme parks.  or maybe it's the beach.  i'll be researching that one this fine holiday weekend.  enjoy yours!  (ps: dress for sale here!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

pop century

a few years ago i was traveling A LOT, and became quite enamored with boutique hotels. searching for the cutest place to stay is always first on my travel to-do list.  i'm so thrifty you'd think i'd priceline lodging everywhere i roam, but at some point i realized that schtick beats penny pinching. i'd never stayed at a disney resort before, considering i went to college in orlando and always have friends' places to crash at, but this go-round it made the most sense to give one of their 'economy' options a whirl. when i saw photos of pop century resort online, i knew that's where i'd want to hang my (mickey) hat for a couple nights. though at 5,760(!) rooms it's definitely not a boutique hotel, it's got all the theme and gimmick of one. you can bet i woke up an extra half hour early one morning to wander through each area- 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and ours, the 90s. (our window was just under the YOU GO GIRL and DA BOMB roof lettering. thank you for that.)  i recommend it!  
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