Monday, May 7, 2012

cracker jacks

you guys, i miss you!  living in south florida (a month!  already!) is so fun, and so so busy.  the best!  i arrived down here just as baseball season started, and let's not forget that i'm a vintage-wearing jock.  the miami marlins have a rad new stadium and new team branding (an M!), so naturally i've thrown myself way into some MLB.  we went to a game last weekend, and though it rained (who cares: the new stadium has a retractable roof!), and the other team massacred us, i loved every second of it.  i proudly drank two beers, both in spite of and because they are rumored to be the most expensive drafts in all of the country's stadiums.  can't wait to go back!  maybe this friday?  ll cool j's playing a free concert afterward.  just sayin'.

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