Tuesday, May 29, 2012

fruit by the foot

a few more snaps from the last few days.  did i mention that during the summer months i only work until 1 on fridays?  JOB PERK.  as far as i'm concerned, we had ourselves a four-day weekend, and i'm exhausted.  from all the fun.  lately i've been craving a lazy day of laundry, snacking in front of an oddities marathon, and forgetting to shower until 5pm.  that dream is somehow always thwarted and i'm not complaining, but i'm also not remedying the situation.  a text inviting us to spend next weekend at a family beach house chimed in last night, and was instantly met with a "hell yeah!"  so, it looks like we'll drive 3.5 hours north from our beach to theirs this friday at 1.  it's freakin' summer, right?!  go go go go go!

1 comment:

  1. Cute shoes!

    xo Jennifer



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