Monday, May 14, 2012


i haven't had many chances to go hunting for vintage since i moved to my new digs six weeks ago, and it's a travesty considering my whereabouts.  you guys, i learned that the median age in this city is SEVENTY-SIX.  do the plus and minus on that one.  i have managed to see a few movies recently, and doing so in a theater full of lovely folks three times my age is quite an experience.  perhaps serendipitously, the few vintage gems i have found here are amazing, oversized, snugly cardigans.  the perfect thing for those cold theaters, just the sort i see other gals hock online for a hundred bucks.  pffft.  quite a few $30 babes in my shop now, for your own cozy viewing of the best exotic marigold hotel!  (downton abbey!)

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