Thursday, May 10, 2012


one of the first times i visited mark down here, one of our many adventures landed us in the parking lot of a nondescript little strip mall, and i wasn't sure what the deal was.  but he promised i'd love what i was about to see.  he was right.  inside of the girls is an amazing ice cream parlor, shelves and shelves of freshly made preserves, and gift shop junk as far as the eye can see.  all of it CUTE.  but that's nothing... wander through the backdoor and poof!  you're in a huge strawberry patch!  miles of strawberries and fresh vegetables ripe for the pickin'.  a random assortment of animals hanging around?  why not!  parrots, baby swans(!), a couple cutie pie donkeys, giant tortoises.  and that car-- the car mark once told me he could see me driving around in.  he's got me all figured out.  we went back at my request last weekend, and it's just as magical the second time around.  so guys!  when you come visit us, we're a-goin'.

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  1. i'm packing up the little ones...we'll be there in a jiff!


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