Saturday, June 30, 2012


dear diary,
when the german pretzel you order at your neighborhood biergarten costs $8.00, there's a reason.

an unsuspecting snacker

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

vacation daydreamin'

one more week to get 15% off everything in my vintage shop!
use code MEXICO at checkout!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

debby downer

we love all things tropical down here, and storms are no exception.  i'll spare you the meteorology pun and simply tell you that thursday night's heat triumph over the thunder has had the whole south florida region abuzz the last few days.  (i'm talking about basketball again, girls.) there was a lot of date-y stuff happening this weekend too, despite lousy weather.  in fact, lousy weather lends itself to romance, i think.  ducking into a quiet restaurant for dinner, or grabbing a cup of coffee to escape the rain for a bit.  finally tackling that ever-growing list of summer movies, or my favorite- those evening walks on the beach when the storm clouds give it a rest for a half hour.  actually staying awake for an entire finals game, long enough to see lebron grin the kind of grin i've never grinned... and then looking over at my guy on the couch, watching his team... that might have been the most romantic bit of the whole weekend.  'twas a really freaking good one.

Monday, June 25, 2012

see shell

it's my sister's birthday!  happy birthday, shelley!  it's probably weird to post a picture of the gifts i mailed to her, but i happen to know she's already opened them, and saltwater sandal photos are a blog requirement, right?  (now we'll match!)  but really, i want to say how glad i am to have gotten my hands on one of tara lynn's new knitting pattern books.  numbered first edition, ya'll!  this gorgeous book passed right from my hands into those of my much more capable kid sis, and i'm really excited to see what she whips up.  if you're a killer knitter, tara-lynn's good night, day book is available in her shop.  if you're not, her knits are too.  birthdays!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

high tide

this is what our nightly walks look like.
sometimes i have to pinch myself.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

southern hospitality

some snaps of some sweet going-ons.  ranked not in order of importance, because (6) those twins reign supreme, but our newish (1) costco membership?  it's up there.  we go through one of those mega goldfish cartons and a super cheap 32-pack of diet coke every week and a half.  other than those two purchases, we just walk around and eat giant $1.39 soft serve swirls.  every time.  i've got one (3) thrift store that i'm in love with here, and i try to carve out 30 minutes each week to pop in.   the rad strawberry patch a few blocks from us will whip up a (4) fresh fruit smoothie if you ask; i sampled one sunday so i could put my stamp o' approval on it for you guys.  you're welcome.  and more drinks were recently gulped at (2, 5) the mai-kai.  ohhhh, the mai-kai.  that one deserves its own post.  friendlies, COME VISIT.  we are mapping the tourist highlights hard for you.  costco soft serve being of top importance.

Monday, June 18, 2012

saturdate: primanti bros.

once upon a time i told you about the best sandwich in all of jacksonville.  i miss it.  that's the sad news.  the good news is that i've found its replacement down here at the bottom of the state.  it's a different animal entirely, but damn, it's good.  i have quite a few friends who grew up around here and have since migrated elsewhere, and they all know primanti bros. from their going-to-shows and subsequent late-night-dining youths.  early into our relationship, when mark realized just how much i care about fried eggs on my veggie burgers, he took me to primanti bros. for an 'almost famous sandwich'.  thick and sexy italian bread piled with coleslaw, tomato, cheese, the meat of your choice, and french fries.  i count fried eggs as my meat, ditch the coleslaw (and eventually pick out the tomato, leaving no trace of vegetable), and i've got one heavenly sandwich.  there are a few locations, each of which is a hike from our place.  probably for the best.  it should be noted that this is where we had dinner on valentine's day, per my request.  that's a testament to a few things.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ten good years

earlier this month i got a nice little email from ebay, congratulating me on my 10th anniversary as a seller.  i immediately thought, seriously?!  i've been hocking old lady clothes for a decade?!  then i felt sorta fancy for a moment and tucked my congratulatory message safely away in the trash folder.  though i sell vintage on etsy now, i figured i should do one of those 'shop my closet' weeks the blogosphere likes so much.  so back to ebay we go-- everything's here if bidding gives you a thrill!

Friday, June 15, 2012


shhhh.  i've been quiet over here all week, and by now you know that means i've been hard at work.  the big girl job and all.  i'm totally a downtime blogger, and when you hear nothing from me for awhile, it probably means i'm busy meeting the governor or something.  (for real.)  the fantastic news is: it's friday!  after a six-day workweek following an unusually funless 1.5 day weekend, i'm ready for a do-over weekend.  a weasel my way onto a sailboat, sip whatever skinny girl concoction's in my fridge,  fawn over my boyfriend as he fawns over lebron james, sleep in late (8:45?!) kinda weekend.  a snuggle up in our giant leather chair with my laptop and my favorite blogs kinda weekend.  because i haven't even checked them this week and that just ain't right.  cheers to a do-over, kittens!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

to the max(i)

this is my absolute favorite piece in the vintage shop this week! extra bummed this maxi skirt isn't my size. when i found it i said to mark, "to be or not to be- that is the equestrian!" he just shook his head.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the grammys

a few instagrams from the week!  did i ever tell you guys my username is, durr, stylebook?  i'm one of those weirdos who keeps my instagram stream private, even though i have a blog and divulge my deepest darkest secrets to strangers across the globe.  (so dark.)  i typically only accept follow requests from people i actually know, because all 800 of the feet photos i post are really personal.  but give it a whirl if you're 'grammin and we're pals.  I DIGRESS.  first photo: told ya i'd do it.  last photo: you. are. welcome.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ponce inlet lighthouse

while visiting ponce inlet this weekend, i was bizarrely stoked to learn that the town's lighthouse happens to be the tallest in all of florida.  and still operational!  (these are things kids raised on jimmy buffet and sandcastle-building care about.)  perhaps over eager, we arrived half an hour before the lighthouse opened for day tours, and meandered around the fantastically beautiful bay.  this paid off, since we caught a glimpse of the elusive nelly, the lighthouse's resident cat!  (descendants of whom have been on the property for over 100 years!)  mark and i hoofed up the steep, narrow spiral staircase all the way to the top (look at that photo, you guys).  it was a pretty amazing thing, to be up that high and feel a breeze so strong it may or may not have blown my little sundress up around my head.  and the view?  you can imagine.  i really fell in love with this place; i almost hesitate to tell anyone how pretty teensy ponce inlet is.  its quiet stillness was such a welcome reprieve from the normal florida tourism hustle and bustle!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

rainbow row

we had ourselves an amazing rainbow filled weekend at what might as well have been our own private island.  a friend recently said, "it seems like you're constantly on vacation!" when she saw one of my photos.  while that's certainly not the case, i think i'm getting the hang of the 'work hard, play harder' mantra.  the workweek ahead promises to be my busiest yet; i've noticed myself arriving earlier and leaving later each day.  the memories of the last several weekends keep me smiling as i i run myself ragged monday through friday though!  i'm lucky to have a partner who shares my love of adventure, no matter how silly.  (truly.  we were offered the boat table at the above fish camp and took it without hesitation.  like, we ate our lunch aboard an abandoned boat inside the restaurant.) 
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