Tuesday, June 26, 2012

debby downer

we love all things tropical down here, and storms are no exception.  i'll spare you the meteorology pun and simply tell you that thursday night's heat triumph over the thunder has had the whole south florida region abuzz the last few days.  (i'm talking about basketball again, girls.) there was a lot of date-y stuff happening this weekend too, despite lousy weather.  in fact, lousy weather lends itself to romance, i think.  ducking into a quiet restaurant for dinner, or grabbing a cup of coffee to escape the rain for a bit.  finally tackling that ever-growing list of summer movies, or my favorite- those evening walks on the beach when the storm clouds give it a rest for a half hour.  actually staying awake for an entire finals game, long enough to see lebron grin the kind of grin i've never grinned... and then looking over at my guy on the couch, watching his team... that might have been the most romantic bit of the whole weekend.  'twas a really freaking good one.


  1. that photo of you on the beach??? freaking. gorgeous.

  2. oh how i love a rainy beach....
    too bad i live in ohio. haha

    three cheers for romantic weekends!


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