Friday, June 15, 2012


shhhh.  i've been quiet over here all week, and by now you know that means i've been hard at work.  the big girl job and all.  i'm totally a downtime blogger, and when you hear nothing from me for awhile, it probably means i'm busy meeting the governor or something.  (for real.)  the fantastic news is: it's friday!  after a six-day workweek following an unusually funless 1.5 day weekend, i'm ready for a do-over weekend.  a weasel my way onto a sailboat, sip whatever skinny girl concoction's in my fridge,  fawn over my boyfriend as he fawns over lebron james, sleep in late (8:45?!) kinda weekend.  a snuggle up in our giant leather chair with my laptop and my favorite blogs kinda weekend.  because i haven't even checked them this week and that just ain't right.  cheers to a do-over, kittens!


  1. Good grief could i use a do over too! And a sail boat...


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