Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the grammys

a few instagrams from the week!  did i ever tell you guys my username is, durr, stylebook?  i'm one of those weirdos who keeps my instagram stream private, even though i have a blog and divulge my deepest darkest secrets to strangers across the globe.  (so dark.)  i typically only accept follow requests from people i actually know, because all 800 of the feet photos i post are really personal.  but give it a whirl if you're 'grammin and we're pals.  I DIGRESS.  first photo: told ya i'd do it.  last photo: you. are. welcome.


  1. A few lolz in there, M.

  2. girls is a god send. jessa makes me want to smoke and say crude things to strangers.


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