Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ponce inlet lighthouse

while visiting ponce inlet this weekend, i was bizarrely stoked to learn that the town's lighthouse happens to be the tallest in all of florida.  and still operational!  (these are things kids raised on jimmy buffet and sandcastle-building care about.)  perhaps over eager, we arrived half an hour before the lighthouse opened for day tours, and meandered around the fantastically beautiful bay.  this paid off, since we caught a glimpse of the elusive nelly, the lighthouse's resident cat!  (descendants of whom have been on the property for over 100 years!)  mark and i hoofed up the steep, narrow spiral staircase all the way to the top (look at that photo, you guys).  it was a pretty amazing thing, to be up that high and feel a breeze so strong it may or may not have blown my little sundress up around my head.  and the view?  you can imagine.  i really fell in love with this place; i almost hesitate to tell anyone how pretty teensy ponce inlet is.  its quiet stillness was such a welcome reprieve from the normal florida tourism hustle and bustle!


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