Monday, June 18, 2012

saturdate: primanti bros.

once upon a time i told you about the best sandwich in all of jacksonville.  i miss it.  that's the sad news.  the good news is that i've found its replacement down here at the bottom of the state.  it's a different animal entirely, but damn, it's good.  i have quite a few friends who grew up around here and have since migrated elsewhere, and they all know primanti bros. from their going-to-shows and subsequent late-night-dining youths.  early into our relationship, when mark realized just how much i care about fried eggs on my veggie burgers, he took me to primanti bros. for an 'almost famous sandwich'.  thick and sexy italian bread piled with coleslaw, tomato, cheese, the meat of your choice, and french fries.  i count fried eggs as my meat, ditch the coleslaw (and eventually pick out the tomato, leaving no trace of vegetable), and i've got one heavenly sandwich.  there are a few locations, each of which is a hike from our place.  probably for the best.  it should be noted that this is where we had dinner on valentine's day, per my request.  that's a testament to a few things.

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