Monday, June 25, 2012

see shell

it's my sister's birthday!  happy birthday, shelley!  it's probably weird to post a picture of the gifts i mailed to her, but i happen to know she's already opened them, and saltwater sandal photos are a blog requirement, right?  (now we'll match!)  but really, i want to say how glad i am to have gotten my hands on one of tara lynn's new knitting pattern books.  numbered first edition, ya'll!  this gorgeous book passed right from my hands into those of my much more capable kid sis, and i'm really excited to see what she whips up.  if you're a killer knitter, tara-lynn's good night, day book is available in her shop.  if you're not, her knits are too.  birthdays!

1 comment:

  1. i need some saltwaters already! what kind of a blogger am i?

    happy birthday to your lovely sis!!


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