Tuesday, June 19, 2012

southern hospitality

some snaps of some sweet going-ons.  ranked not in order of importance, because (6) those twins reign supreme, but our newish (1) costco membership?  it's up there.  we go through one of those mega goldfish cartons and a super cheap 32-pack of diet coke every week and a half.  other than those two purchases, we just walk around and eat giant $1.39 soft serve swirls.  every time.  i've got one (3) thrift store that i'm in love with here, and i try to carve out 30 minutes each week to pop in.   the rad strawberry patch a few blocks from us will whip up a (4) fresh fruit smoothie if you ask; i sampled one sunday so i could put my stamp o' approval on it for you guys.  you're welcome.  and more drinks were recently gulped at (2, 5) the mai-kai.  ohhhh, the mai-kai.  that one deserves its own post.  friendlies, COME VISIT.  we are mapping the tourist highlights hard for you.  costco soft serve being of top importance.


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