Tuesday, July 31, 2012

chelsea fc vs. ac milan

last month when mark asked me if i wanted to go to a soccer game in miami, he was met with a quick, "uh-huh!"  he went on to explain that this was a big deal, the first time so-and-so has played here in x-number of years/ ever.  he was really trying to sell it, but as evidenced by my foggy memory, he didn't need to.  i've never been to a proper fรบtbol game, i know almost nothing about soccer, but i know enough to know if ac milan is playing chelsea fc at dolphins stadium, you go.  moreover, one of the most fun parts of our relationship is that we're both down for whatever.  i trust that his suggestions will be f-u-n, and vice-versa.  so guess what?  saturday we saw our first big-deal soccer game, and it was f-u-n... despite my eye twitching for fear of bleacher-collapse.  (i read that once.)  we've been so weirdly into sporting events lately that i'm creating a new blog entry tag here and now: jock jams.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


as is my curse, i'll take any excuse to theme a gathering and run with it (olympic torch in hand)!  we had friends over to watch the bazillion-hour-long 2012 opening ceremonies last night, and after a few glasses of wine it was looking crazy, no?  i poked mark until he scrawled a majestic american flag on our chalkboard wall, i borrowed that epic cardigan from my shop, and we got into the spirit!  (i have had to remind myself more than once that the olympics are not the hunger games.  it's been a creepy feeling.)

what are your favorite events to watch?  forever true to my high school varsity letter, i never miss a long distance race around the track.  and obviously i'll be tuning in for the basketball games.  (kobe bryant looked so stupid in that ralph lauren beret last night; good riddance!)

to celebrate, take 10% off everything in my vintage shop with code DREAMTEAM at checkout, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

things we hold dear

or: the bad habits of an iphone photo-snapper.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


recently i've had two very similar cases of "i want to go to there!"  the culprit each time?  handcrafted rainbow playgrounds.  somewhere online i caught a glimpse of the truly incredible crocheted rainbow net, which took artist toshiko horiuchi macadam three years to complete.  it's installed at takino suzuran hillside national park in sapporo, japan, and is absolutely mindblowing.  and my dear friends nick and bethany recently moved to england, and took their little girl penelope to another rad multi-hued playground (B sent me a link, knowing i'd love it!): adam kalinowski's rainbow park,  installed at the southbank centre in london.  aren't these both spectacular?!  rainbows forever, i say!

{images sourced from links above}

Friday, July 20, 2012


two weeks ago tonight i enjoyed the best meal of my life.  strong words?  yes, and completely true.  as i've mentioned a couple times, the spark that ignited our mexico trip-planning was reading about tulum's hartwood.  a couple from brooklyn visits tulum and love it so much they decide to move there and open a restaurant?  the selby photographed it?  we're listening...

so on mark's 30th birthday, despite slight nerves that maybe it'd rain on this open-air eatery, or maybe it'd get too crowded before we could be seated and they'd run out of the day's fresh offerings, we ate an amazing dinner.  my neurotic timeliness had us at hartwood 20 minutes before they were scheduled to open, and serendipitously we were welcomed in early, along with the two other couples already waiting.

(have i mentioned that after my 12-year vegetarian stint i recently incorporated seafood into my diet?  no?  okay- i'm eating fish now.)  needless to say, i've never been presented with an unfilleted, teeth-still-in-tact dinner before.  when i ordered the boquinete (not filleted!), i was going off the server's description of everything on the chalk-scrawled menu, and mark was having octopus, so i rallied.  when the chef presented my plate, careful to point out the spot where the fish had been spear-caught earlier that day, everyone looked at the little lady eating the huge fish.  it was a rad moment.  every single thing we tasted that night was delicious, from start to finish, drinks to dessert (corn ice cream!).  and perfect weather, the night's sole boquinete prepared just for me, and the coolest and kindest restaurant staff, made it- again- the best meal ever.  we're missing tulum hard; maybe we'll move there and open a vintage shop.

oh!  and i tried some of the octopus, too!  bravest.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

eatin' through my 30s

remember when carrie bradshaw sat pajama-clad at her computer, eating leftover wedding cake as she looked back on her weekend and typed a few self indulgent paragraphs?  (how about all the other times i've referenced sex and the city on this blog?)  it's not quite 7am and i'm armed with a slice of last night's birthday cake- publix buttercream, ya'll- and some fond memories.  of food, mostly.  

we spent our weekend in miami, and dining-related highlights include: four bites of a grilled cheese at my monogram, MLT, a beautiful meal at bourdain's favorite miami restaurant, michael's genuine, and a very impromptu appearance at the coral gables shake shack grand opening.  (we were like 7th in line!  accidentally!)  a little birthday shopping, a crazy fun stroll through the wynwood arts district, a baseball game, and the company of my guy really made the weekend perfect.  and yesterday, my actual birthday, was just as lovely.  

this is our first year together, the first time celebrating two birthdays that are just ten days apart.  we're pretty beat!  best best life.

Monday, July 16, 2012


hello again, july 16th.  today is my 31st birthday, and though i could easily wax poetic about how the 365 days since my last birthday have been some of my happiest and most profound yet, i'll just say how very thankful i am to be here!

Friday, July 13, 2012

be tulum's backyard

while the catalyst for mark's birthday trip to tulum was dinner at a certain restaurant, his mind was made up after he discovered the hotel be tulum.  small and decadent (as much as a hotel that kindly asks you not flush the toilet paper can be), it's certainly in a caliber of lodging much higher than i'm accustomed to.  but what the hell, the man only turns 30 once, right?

after following a wooden path in the sand from the open-air lobby to our room, i gasped.  our own little pool, that i could jump into from the front door if i wanted to.  and hammocks!  (i'm a sucker for hammocks.)  an outdoor shower, and a front patio setup that might as well have been an anthropologie-at-the-beach catalog spread.  i feel certain i was clapping at this point, and we hadn't even stepped inside the room yet.  the photos we took of our room don't do it justice; go to their website!  but i ask you, how much time could we really spend inside the room, when a few more steps down the sandy path led us to the beach.  this crazy beautiful beach with all sorts of lounging options strewn artfully across the sand.  beds, recliners, an abandoned canoe filled with plush pillows: the choice is yours, you lucky hotel guest.  the lovely staff entertained our broken spanish and then offered, in perfect english, to bring us trays of food, and any drink our hearts desired (for the record i hate coconut water, that was mark's drink and i demanded a photo with it).  it's possible i ordered papas fritas and a margarita one lazy afternoon, but i'll never say for sure.  we sat all over that backyard of be tulum.  coffee poolside, breakfast at the best palm tree-shaded table, fish tacos in bed.  it was the sort of amazing experience that had me feeling i was living someone else's life.  the now water-logged kennedy memoir i read on that beach was epically appropriate.

and to belabor the point, before heading out to mark's birthday dinner, i suggested a quick walk by that ocean i couldn't get enough of.  as we passed by the table we'd had breakfast at, my eyes widened and my brain flurried in a, "is that?  is it?  i think it is.  it is definitely him" spiral.  richard freaking branson was enjoying a sunset cocktail in the same chair mark enjoyed his cafe con leche a few hours earlier.  come on.

we've already written be tulum an electronic love note, and i really really hope we go back soon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


sorting through 500+ vacation photos, trying to make sense of a way to share them on the blog has been, in a word, excruciating.  taking a hundred pictures of each other standing in front of things every day is perfect when you know you're going to make a book for your coffee table with them.  but tonight while sifting through them all, i huffed away from the computer and actually said aloud, "ugh, i'm going to watch that housewives reunion i DVR'd and do this later!"  (first world problems, i know.)  but really, do you want to see all the ruins we climbed up and down?  the fifty cheese empanadas i ate 20 minutes after checking in to our hotel in chichen itza?  i seriously considered showing you every outfit i wore on the trip and titling the post mexiclothes.

the two of us take a lot of photos, of everything, all the time.  it's fun having a partner who never rolls his eyes when i say, "oooh- take one of me with that giant ice cream cone!"  i had the foresight to suggest we take a lot of video footage on this trip too, and with mark's editing wizardry, i think we'll have something pretty rad to show you soon.  you can also come over to flip through the photobook that will soon grace our coffee table.  anytime!
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