Monday, July 9, 2012

a 100th birthday

july is quite the month for birthdays in my little world.  brothers-in-law, best friends, boyfriends, MINE!  it seems like half this month's salary and schedule has gone to birthday-celebrating (which is such a fabulous way to spend them both, if you ask me)!  

the most fantastically beautiful birthday of all this july?  my great grandmother, or as we call her, naneen.  (the name coined by my father, who couldn't quite pronounce "nana aleene" as a little guy.)  today, ladies and gentlemen, my lovely naneen is one hundred years old.  100!  for the last few weeks i've nearly teared up every time i've thought about it.  she and my great-grandpa (gompy!  dad strikes again.) have always been a point of pride for me; for half my life i've bragged about their age, their happy marriage, their health, their sharp wit and sweet hearts, and how very lucky i was to have them around.  just this past december we lost gompy, but his cute smile remains forever in my memory, and certainly in naneen's.  so here's to the lady of the hour!  the little lady whose small genes i inherited in a sea of very very tall relatives.  the pretty gal who once complained, in her 90s, that no one knows how to make a good manhattan anymore, so she's gotta do it herself.  the great-grandmother who loves her daily netflix hour. my dad's grandma.  happy 100th birthday, naneen!  i'm sure you read blogs!!
bathing beauties from left to right: naneen, gramma jo, great great nana schauss.


  1. this is awesome! Happy bday to your grandma :)
    xo dana

  2. wow!! happy birthday naneen. and a woman who loves a manhattan is a real woman ;)

  3. seriously, that is so incredible. I love these pictures, and the little character details included. I can't even imagine 100 years. And hooked on netflix?! rad.

    Love your blog :)


  4. That last picture is so seriously amazing.


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