Tuesday, July 31, 2012

chelsea fc vs. ac milan

last month when mark asked me if i wanted to go to a soccer game in miami, he was met with a quick, "uh-huh!"  he went on to explain that this was a big deal, the first time so-and-so has played here in x-number of years/ ever.  he was really trying to sell it, but as evidenced by my foggy memory, he didn't need to.  i've never been to a proper fútbol game, i know almost nothing about soccer, but i know enough to know if ac milan is playing chelsea fc at dolphins stadium, you go.  moreover, one of the most fun parts of our relationship is that we're both down for whatever.  i trust that his suggestions will be f-u-n, and vice-versa.  so guess what?  saturday we saw our first big-deal soccer game, and it was f-u-n... despite my eye twitching for fear of bleacher-collapse.  (i read that once.)  we've been so weirdly into sporting events lately that i'm creating a new blog entry tag here and now: jock jams.


  1. I am jaleous, I wish I could go to a soccer game but none of my friends wants to come with me :( (Isn't my life really sad? :D)

  2. I just found your blog and I think it may be one of the prettiest I've ever stumbled on?! Love it!

    I've never been to a soccer game, but you made it sound fun! Won't my husband be so pleased to know you've piqued my interest in a sporting event?!

    the Reverie blog

  3. love it! i've never been to a real soccer game either, but jon is into soccer big time. he actually had a scholarship for college, but turned it down because it wasn't his school of choice. i think he went to the world cup when it was in mexico. so i always get suckered into watching soccer with him ;) and, he still plays so it's always fun to pack up the kids and go watch.


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