Tuesday, July 17, 2012

eatin' through my 30s

remember when carrie bradshaw sat pajama-clad at her computer, eating leftover wedding cake as she looked back on her weekend and typed a few self indulgent paragraphs?  (how about all the other times i've referenced sex and the city on this blog?)  it's not quite 7am and i'm armed with a slice of last night's birthday cake- publix buttercream, ya'll- and some fond memories.  of food, mostly.  

we spent our weekend in miami, and dining-related highlights include: four bites of a grilled cheese at my monogram, MLT, a beautiful meal at bourdain's favorite miami restaurant, michael's genuine, and a very impromptu appearance at the coral gables shake shack grand opening.  (we were like 7th in line!  accidentally!)  a little birthday shopping, a crazy fun stroll through the wynwood arts district, a baseball game, and the company of my guy really made the weekend perfect.  and yesterday, my actual birthday, was just as lovely.  

this is our first year together, the first time celebrating two birthdays that are just ten days apart.  we're pretty beat!  best best life.

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  1. please feel free to pepper your blog with sex & the city references...love 'em. happy late birthday! eat cake for breakfast for as long as your heart desires! xo


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