Friday, July 20, 2012


two weeks ago tonight i enjoyed the best meal of my life.  strong words?  yes, and completely true.  as i've mentioned a couple times, the spark that ignited our mexico trip-planning was reading about tulum's hartwood.  a couple from brooklyn visits tulum and love it so much they decide to move there and open a restaurant?  the selby photographed it?  we're listening...

so on mark's 30th birthday, despite slight nerves that maybe it'd rain on this open-air eatery, or maybe it'd get too crowded before we could be seated and they'd run out of the day's fresh offerings, we ate an amazing dinner.  my neurotic timeliness had us at hartwood 20 minutes before they were scheduled to open, and serendipitously we were welcomed in early, along with the two other couples already waiting.

(have i mentioned that after my 12-year vegetarian stint i recently incorporated seafood into my diet?  no?  okay- i'm eating fish now.)  needless to say, i've never been presented with an unfilleted, teeth-still-in-tact dinner before.  when i ordered the boquinete (not filleted!), i was going off the server's description of everything on the chalk-scrawled menu, and mark was having octopus, so i rallied.  when the chef presented my plate, careful to point out the spot where the fish had been spear-caught earlier that day, everyone looked at the little lady eating the huge fish.  it was a rad moment.  every single thing we tasted that night was delicious, from start to finish, drinks to dessert (corn ice cream!).  and perfect weather, the night's sole boquinete prepared just for me, and the coolest and kindest restaurant staff, made it- again- the best meal ever.  we're missing tulum hard; maybe we'll move there and open a vintage shop.

oh!  and i tried some of the octopus, too!  bravest.


  1. the little gold hoops and embroidered shirt? so carrie bradshaw :)

    ps. love the new look!

    1. ;) i bought that top in town earlier that day!

  2. oh wow it¡s so cold here i just wanna move there too!!!

  3. Loving your new design! Oana did mine as well. :) So pretty!

    Also, wow! Crazy. I'm a veg but I think if I were to travel somewhere where it would be a challenge to eat strictly vegetarian, I'd be fine with letting fish/seafood slip in. I think it's awesome the fish was caught there, wild, and served that night. I'm totally okay with that!

  4. Yum! Everthing looks sooooo delicious! Now I'm hungry!

  5. I know it's not the point of this post but I LOVEEEE your shirt!! :)

  6. This is such a lovely post. I love your cute blog.

  7. maybe I shouldn't be so afraid of mexico? that looks insane!!!


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