Saturday, July 28, 2012


as is my curse, i'll take any excuse to theme a gathering and run with it (olympic torch in hand)!  we had friends over to watch the bazillion-hour-long 2012 opening ceremonies last night, and after a few glasses of wine it was looking crazy, no?  i poked mark until he scrawled a majestic american flag on our chalkboard wall, i borrowed that epic cardigan from my shop, and we got into the spirit!  (i have had to remind myself more than once that the olympics are not the hunger games.  it's been a creepy feeling.)

what are your favorite events to watch?  forever true to my high school varsity letter, i never miss a long distance race around the track.  and obviously i'll be tuning in for the basketball games.  (kobe bryant looked so stupid in that ralph lauren beret last night; good riddance!)

to celebrate, take 10% off everything in my vintage shop with code DREAMTEAM at checkout, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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