Wednesday, July 11, 2012


sorting through 500+ vacation photos, trying to make sense of a way to share them on the blog has been, in a word, excruciating.  taking a hundred pictures of each other standing in front of things every day is perfect when you know you're going to make a book for your coffee table with them.  but tonight while sifting through them all, i huffed away from the computer and actually said aloud, "ugh, i'm going to watch that housewives reunion i DVR'd and do this later!"  (first world problems, i know.)  but really, do you want to see all the ruins we climbed up and down?  the fifty cheese empanadas i ate 20 minutes after checking in to our hotel in chichen itza?  i seriously considered showing you every outfit i wore on the trip and titling the post mexiclothes.

the two of us take a lot of photos, of everything, all the time.  it's fun having a partner who never rolls his eyes when i say, "oooh- take one of me with that giant ice cream cone!"  i had the foresight to suggest we take a lot of video footage on this trip too, and with mark's editing wizardry, i think we'll have something pretty rad to show you soon.  you can also come over to flip through the photobook that will soon grace our coffee table.  anytime!


  1. going through those many, many hundreds of photos is, you're right, excruciating. yikes! just rest assured knowing that no matter how you choose to share 'em on've got 'em stockpiled away for yourself, for years & years to come. that's the best part!

  2. so mexiclothes is happening, right? RIGHT? Cause you can't just put that out there on a blog and not follow through. rules are rules!

  3. i wanna see them allll!
    mexiclothes included!

    p.s. you and your guy make my heart so happy!

  4. i would love to see them! i understand what you mean! i took about 785 on our vacation ;)

  5. Just clicked over from "you might also like box"...
    top dress, i WANT. The end.


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