Tuesday, August 28, 2012


i haven't been mini-golfing since 2008. as a rule, i hate mini-golf. but there's a cute little putt-putt place right between our house and the beach that we must pass twenty times a week, and i've been intrigued. between needing something to do outside the house (condo renovation day eight, but who's counting?), and the threat of a very wet weekend, some friday afternoon putt-putt sounded perfect.  and you guys!  it was fun!  in true south florida fashion, we had our choice between 'ocean' and 'everglades' courses, and could call the clubhouse from any hole if we needed a cold beer delivered.  i had a little green eggs and ham moment; i tried it!  i liked it!  no more declarations of mini-golf hatred from this girl.  oh, and i'd be remiss not to mention that mark shot a hole-in-one.  showoff.

Friday, August 24, 2012

the in-between

our kitchen is still not functional and our couch and television are draped in plastic sheeting, but having a construction zone for a house forces us out into the world!  we've found an awful lot of good stuff out there in the past week.  as for this weekend, fingers crossed a certain hurricane goes easy on us and brings more of those photogenic skies and less of the dreaded h20.  happy weekend to you!  summer's almost over!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

secret garden

believe me when i tell you that on our spontaneous sunday, air conditioning was never part of the equation.  vizcaya had been on our to-do list for awhile, so why not check out this miami treasure in the middle of august?  oops.  bottles of water and sunscreen in tow, we toured the amazing home (no photos allowed!) first, but i sort of skipped through quickly, itching to get into the gardens.  ("come on!  it looks just like those rooms in the met!")  and the gardens- there really aren't words.  i'll let the photos do the talking.  it looks like we had the whole place to ourselves, no?  there were actually pockets of garden-goers everywhere; the grounds are so expansive we were able to steal away and feel like we were the only two there.  i cannot get over how many incredible things there are to do and see, just down the street.

Monday, August 20, 2012

paint by number

we totally made lemonade outta these lemons, and our weekend's stay-cation wound up being one of the most fun and productive weekends in awhile.  those are the best kind.  when i settle into my office and sip my coffee on a monday morning, nothing's better than thinking, "damn, i got a lot done this weekend.  and i had so much fun."  yesterday we woke up around 10 (which is unheard of for me!), and left the house 15 minutes later with the corner deli being the only destination in mind.  suddenly we found ourselves in miami doing all sorts of awesome, unplanned adventuring.  mark surprised me with a dope new camera for my birthday last month, and being the painted wall-lover that i am, i knew exactly where to christen it.  we grabbed late afternoon iced coffees in miami's wynwood art district and walked around snapping photos.  that colorful grid of warehouses is my dreams incarnate, and this is only a teensy fraction of all there is to see down there!  painted paradise.

Friday, August 17, 2012

forced vacation

here's the thing about living in a condo near the beach.  water.  water is every floridian's frenemy.  the vast atlantic ocean, the beautiful intercoastal, the everglades-- so so good for weekend backdrops.  the daily 3pm rain showers-- a blessing that cools off sweltering afternoons.  that's the sweet water.  but also, we get these hurricanes.  the closer you live to these majestic bodies of water and the harder those rain showers come down, the worse the beating your little home (and car, garden, powerlines...) endures.  that's the sort of water that makes a girl anxious. 

i've lived in a few florida cities, and three times as many florida apartments, and i've learned about the other- more devastating- form of frenemy water takes.  the upstairs neighbors' bathroom.  this weekend, and possibly much, much longer, we're moving into a hotel.  it's true- we love hotels!  (and ours is by the beach.  but still.)  we'll be removed from our home and our belongings for the foreseeable future while pipes are repaired, drywall is ripped out, and mold is eradicated from our world.  it happens.  back soon, buddies!

Monday, August 13, 2012

rustic inn

the only time i ever felt left out while living in jacksonville was when all my friends would head to the beach on a sunday afternoon to eat at one of those gnarly, leaky, buttery fish camps.  vegetarians can only eat so many hush puppies (and this one doesn't like them), so that was an adventure i didn't join in on.  "pescetarians" however!  they can get in on the action.  so the most recent stop on my tour d' south florida legendary eateries, was rustic inn.  i'd heard about this place where they tie a bib around your neck and drop a massive bowl of world famous garlic crabs onto the table for awhile now.  and though i'm a little more comfortable with grilled shrimp and butter-drenched vegetables, watching mark go to town with a mallet was hilarious!  this is the sort of place that's impossible to get seated in under an hour on the weekends, so 2pm on a rainy friday afternoon seemed ideal for us.  (bless these summer friday half-days.  oh how i'll miss you come september.)  rustic inn was fun, really really good, and exactly where i'll bring my seafood-lovin' jacksonville cronies when they're in town.

Friday, August 10, 2012

sister style

i don't know when it started, but standing in front of outdoor murals for pictures has become a family tradition.  it makes for way, way radder photos, and it's no secret that my fam loves color.  {exhibit a/b/c/d/e----- okay, maybe it's a marissa tradition.}  last sunday while walking in downtown delray, my sister shelley and i  migrated toward the giant pineapple grove mural on sight and she handed her husband her camera, all without saying a word.  ha!

here's the exciting news for you!  not only do we have a funny penchant for muraled walls in common, we both love vintage.  as in, not a day goes by that both of us aren't wearing at least one vintage piece.  sister-girl has finally opened an etsy shop and it's already filling up with adorable pieces that she, ahem, priced way too low i think.

visit and favorite her shop here!!!  

and my sailboat skirt is available in my shop, here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

little lately

whoa! nothing exceptionally adventurous to report this week!  but looking back through recent photos makes me happy because, man- i love where i live.  i was pleased as pie to show delray off to my very first outta-town visitors over the weekend!  my mom, sister, and brother-in-law cruised a little further south this florida pilgrimage, and i was so happy to see them.  the strawberry patch was a hit (duh), and it's agreed that this beach-o-mine is a thing to behold (and my seafaring family knows our beaches).  our visitorless days have been just as sweet.  costco wine runs, unreasonably delicious brunches, pool time cool time, babysitting gigs, and these careers of ours have kept us busy as ever.  cheers to an august well on its way to a gold medal.

oh!  i gifted myself a little blog spruce-up for my birthday!  the lovely oana befort worked her magic, and i smile every time i see that beautiful stylebook scrawl up there.  hope you like it, too!
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