Friday, August 17, 2012

forced vacation

here's the thing about living in a condo near the beach.  water.  water is every floridian's frenemy.  the vast atlantic ocean, the beautiful intercoastal, the everglades-- so so good for weekend backdrops.  the daily 3pm rain showers-- a blessing that cools off sweltering afternoons.  that's the sweet water.  but also, we get these hurricanes.  the closer you live to these majestic bodies of water and the harder those rain showers come down, the worse the beating your little home (and car, garden, powerlines...) endures.  that's the sort of water that makes a girl anxious. 

i've lived in a few florida cities, and three times as many florida apartments, and i've learned about the other- more devastating- form of frenemy water takes.  the upstairs neighbors' bathroom.  this weekend, and possibly much, much longer, we're moving into a hotel.  it's true- we love hotels!  (and ours is by the beach.  but still.)  we'll be removed from our home and our belongings for the foreseeable future while pipes are repaired, drywall is ripped out, and mold is eradicated from our world.  it happens.  back soon, buddies!


  1. oh man! it's a bittersweet situation. i guess think of it as a mini getaway. and, you're by the ocean! kinda jealous here ;)

  2. :( That's no fun to be away from all your stuff. Hope it gets fixed quickly.


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