Monday, August 20, 2012

paint by number

we totally made lemonade outta these lemons, and our weekend's stay-cation wound up being one of the most fun and productive weekends in awhile.  those are the best kind.  when i settle into my office and sip my coffee on a monday morning, nothing's better than thinking, "damn, i got a lot done this weekend.  and i had so much fun."  yesterday we woke up around 10 (which is unheard of for me!), and left the house 15 minutes later with the corner deli being the only destination in mind.  suddenly we found ourselves in miami doing all sorts of awesome, unplanned adventuring.  mark surprised me with a dope new camera for my birthday last month, and being the painted wall-lover that i am, i knew exactly where to christen it.  we grabbed late afternoon iced coffees in miami's wynwood art district and walked around snapping photos.  that colorful grid of warehouses is my dreams incarnate, and this is only a teensy fraction of all there is to see down there!  painted paradise.


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