Tuesday, August 28, 2012


i haven't been mini-golfing since 2008. as a rule, i hate mini-golf. but there's a cute little putt-putt place right between our house and the beach that we must pass twenty times a week, and i've been intrigued. between needing something to do outside the house (condo renovation day eight, but who's counting?), and the threat of a very wet weekend, some friday afternoon putt-putt sounded perfect.  and you guys!  it was fun!  in true south florida fashion, we had our choice between 'ocean' and 'everglades' courses, and could call the clubhouse from any hole if we needed a cold beer delivered.  i had a little green eggs and ham moment; i tried it!  i liked it!  no more declarations of mini-golf hatred from this girl.  oh, and i'd be remiss not to mention that mark shot a hole-in-one.  showoff.


  1. I didn't think I was that into it either but my husband and his brothers like to do it about once a year. For me, it's kind of like board games. It's takes me a minute to get into it but once im actually doing it, I have a blast!

  2. lol. i love mini golf and get way too competitive every time.


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