Monday, August 13, 2012

rustic inn

the only time i ever felt left out while living in jacksonville was when all my friends would head to the beach on a sunday afternoon to eat at one of those gnarly, leaky, buttery fish camps.  vegetarians can only eat so many hush puppies (and this one doesn't like them), so that was an adventure i didn't join in on.  "pescetarians" however!  they can get in on the action.  so the most recent stop on my tour d' south florida legendary eateries, was rustic inn.  i'd heard about this place where they tie a bib around your neck and drop a massive bowl of world famous garlic crabs onto the table for awhile now.  and though i'm a little more comfortable with grilled shrimp and butter-drenched vegetables, watching mark go to town with a mallet was hilarious!  this is the sort of place that's impossible to get seated in under an hour on the weekends, so 2pm on a rainy friday afternoon seemed ideal for us.  (bless these summer friday half-days.  oh how i'll miss you come september.)  rustic inn was fun, really really good, and exactly where i'll bring my seafood-lovin' jacksonville cronies when they're in town.


  1. Wow! Crazy food! I would have been up for the carrot cake. I am a lifelong vegetarian, but have tried some seafood before. So did you eat it?
    Dave turned pescetarian a few years ago and loves sea food, he would be in heaven in that place.

  2. Looks like an adventure! I don't know how I would feel about eating all of those haha

  3. you bib-wearing cuties are my kinds of people!


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