Friday, August 10, 2012

sister style

i don't know when it started, but standing in front of outdoor murals for pictures has become a family tradition.  it makes for way, way radder photos, and it's no secret that my fam loves color.  {exhibit a/b/c/d/e----- okay, maybe it's a marissa tradition.}  last sunday while walking in downtown delray, my sister shelley and i  migrated toward the giant pineapple grove mural on sight and she handed her husband her camera, all without saying a word.  ha!

here's the exciting news for you!  not only do we have a funny penchant for muraled walls in common, we both love vintage.  as in, not a day goes by that both of us aren't wearing at least one vintage piece.  sister-girl has finally opened an etsy shop and it's already filling up with adorable pieces that she, ahem, priced way too low i think.

visit and favorite her shop here!!!  

and my sailboat skirt is available in my shop, here.

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