Friday, September 28, 2012

fall chasers

we're off on another long weekend adventure!  i'm excited to hop on an airplane for the first time since july.  we've taken lots of trips by car since, but i get an itch to fly every six weeks or so- it's a curse i tell you!  mark and i are headed up to my parents' in virginia, and i'm hoping to feel cooler air and maybe spot a fallen leaf or two.  afterall, it was this time last year i was up there traipsing through mountains!  i know my mom has a ton of fun things planned for us... i inherited my inability to sit still from she and my dad, after all.  cross your fingers that the thrifting gods smile upon me too; i'm bringing a half-empty suitcase in anticipation of all the good-ass thrift stores tucked away up there!  have a lovely weekend, pals.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


yesterday i had the day off, and since mark has the luxury of working from home, we decided to drive to miami for a little lunch date.  (i declared on the way that it was a DATE, because we both showered beforehand, and when you live with someone and eat all your meals with them, you've gotta differentiate where you can, no?)  we'd been wanting to try yardbird southern table & bar for awhile, but the last few times we were in miami for sunday brunch it was impossible to get in; i blame all the best-new-restaurant awards they keep winning.  yesterday was our day.  thanks to the wonders of google, we (ahem, mark) are pretty thorough on our research before going out to eat anywhere new, so we already knew what the place looked like inside, and what to expect from the menu.  that didn't stop me from swooning over the decor the moment we were seated, and judging by the hoards of diners snapping indiscreet photos, i wasn't alone in my swoondom.  after about five minutes i whispered, "this kind of looks like our house!"  mason jar cocktails reminiscent of our very favorite hartwood were adorned with bacon (for the bacon-eaters among us), and the waiter winked "excellent choice," when i added the seared florida shrimp to my farmers salad.  mark had the day's blue plate special- the fried chicken that he'd come for in the first place.   as my salad disappeared i urged mark to "try this corn!" before i inhaled it all.  come to find out, our neighbor lebron james blogged about that very corn just a day prior.  i'm no restaurant critic, so just trust me when i say, everything was freakin' good.  we saw a pie on the counter but decided against dessert, and i'm still kicking myself a day later.  guess we'll just have to go back.  like, tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

busy bee

i'm loving the falconwright fall '12 lookbook.  
it's perfectly busy/matchy/adorable!
reminds me of this favorite from last year.

Monday, September 24, 2012

hey fall

last week as i sorted through the day's snail mail, i found a super special offer! from martha stewart herself; my magazine subscription had run out eons ago, and they wanted me back- badly!  for $15 i'd get two different monthly magazines, a free tote, and a really handy stain removal guide.  i mean, i don't need to tell you that i whipped out my checkbook on the spot.  and really it's because i'd already had martha on the brain.  the holy trinity of holiday months has been looming, and i've gotten into it way earlier than ever before.  i've been to michael's like 8 times in the last two weeks, cycled my summer wardrobe out for my fall one despite consistent 90-degree temps, purchased s-e-v-e-n pairs of matching christmas socks for the family, and everyone knows i've been smelling like pumpkin spice for september's duration.

but here's what.  saturday was fall's official start date, so now i'm not as big of a freak as i was a few days ago.  it's totally allowed now.  we can hang that vintage paper skeleton we won on ebay, we can plan funky thanksgiving dinner menus, and we can pin all the butcher paper christmas gift wrap photos our little hearts desire, you guys!  martha says so.

Friday, September 21, 2012


a few more glimpses of our saturday and sunday in jacksonville. i've been smiling all week after spending such precious time in that old city of mine.  happy weekend, friends!  can't wait to see what this one has in store.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

under the sun

i'd had a good idea about how saturday in jacksonville would go down: sun, seafood, buds, and booze.  (we ate a lot of veggies and drank a lot of water in the days prior.)  mark and i hunkered down at the lemon bar attached to our hotel, and my gracious friends drove over the river and through to woods to meet us on the beach.  my goodness, i love those people.  we caught up over drinks between the ocean and the pool, and then moseyed over to that seafood restaurant.  you know the one; the one we'd eaten all those salads in anticipation of.  after splitting a huge platter of fried everything five ways, we sighed and hugged and melissa said, "i'm so full i can't even text" as she stared at her phone.  the best part about long weekends is that sunday becomes another saturday, and you can eat, drink, and be merry with your favorite people in the world all over again if you wanna (in the shape of pizza and a movie in this case).  mark and i are back to veggies this week, but that bottom photo is going to be an everyday thing when i stick it on the 'fridge

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

under the moon

how nuts is it that someone strapped a SPACE SHUTTLE to the top of an airplane and flew it across the country this morning?!  (you watched the news today, right?)  i think this is so crazy cool!  what if it were to fall off?!  (i had donnie darko flashes of a space shuttle crashing into someone's house all morning.)  completely by coincidence, i saw that very shuttle strapped to that very airplane the day before yesterday.  kennedy space center has been on our black-socks-with-sandals florida tourist checklist for a couple months, and its location was the perfect mid-trip stopping point on our roadtrip this past weekend.  i'm embarrassed to tell you that i expected to be bored, and agreed to go only for the astronaut ice cream i remember getting there as a kid.  but... wow.  i learned so much while there, and we only saw a fraction of all there is to see.  my aeronautic-obsessed significant other footed the bill on the $5 upgrade, and we're now annual passholders, so we'll definitely be back to further fill our noggins.  we did have enough time for me to TOUCH A PIECE OF THE MOON, however.  it was smooooothe.  and photos, always time for snapping way too many photos.
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