Sunday, September 9, 2012

gossip girl

every time we walk along our most-fun-small-town's atlantic avenue, we pass a little booth and two docked yachts as we cross over the intercoastal. and every time, without fail, i walk up to that little booth and chuckle at the sign touting "local gossip".  you and i both know i've been dying to hear that gossip since i moved down five(!) months ago.  so saturday, extra enticed by the discovery of an online coupon, we boarded the taller of the two yachts (three stories, ya'll!), ordered a couple coronas, and settled in on some rooftop chairs for our two-hour sail.  we saw some mind blowing mansions on the water, clomped up and down the stairs to each deck just because we could, and learned quite a bit of delray trivia!  did you know: you can order tabbouleh and pita chips to enjoy with your coronas while aboard?  i was pleasantly surprised myself!  did you know: the intercoastal waterway runs from new jersey to miami?  i certainly did not!  and not to be a gossip, but DID YOU KNOW: the king of queens himself, mr. kevin james, just purchased a $18.5 million home on my very own beach?  you didn't hear it from me.  (but paul blart, mall cop... if your google alert brought you to this fine blog, mark and i would love to take you out for a drink.  we need friends under 75.)  needless to say, the sightseeing cruise gets my tourist stamp of approval; boats forever!


  1. the more I read you blog, the more I'm convinced that I need to make a trip to Florida!


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