Monday, September 24, 2012

hey fall

last week as i sorted through the day's snail mail, i found a super special offer! from martha stewart herself; my magazine subscription had run out eons ago, and they wanted me back- badly!  for $15 i'd get two different monthly magazines, a free tote, and a really handy stain removal guide.  i mean, i don't need to tell you that i whipped out my checkbook on the spot.  and really it's because i'd already had martha on the brain.  the holy trinity of holiday months has been looming, and i've gotten into it way earlier than ever before.  i've been to michael's like 8 times in the last two weeks, cycled my summer wardrobe out for my fall one despite consistent 90-degree temps, purchased s-e-v-e-n pairs of matching christmas socks for the family, and everyone knows i've been smelling like pumpkin spice for september's duration.

but here's what.  saturday was fall's official start date, so now i'm not as big of a freak as i was a few days ago.  it's totally allowed now.  we can hang that vintage paper skeleton we won on ebay, we can plan funky thanksgiving dinner menus, and we can pin all the butcher paper christmas gift wrap photos our little hearts desire, you guys!  martha says so.


  1. Haha! I love this post! Autumn is my favorite! I've been planning autumn outfits and fun times since August! ;)

  2. Dude, you are totes adorable. A fall loving Florida girl after my own heart. This blog is lovely. I declare a cider party. :o)


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