Tuesday, September 11, 2012


now that our place has brand new walls and a fresh coat of paint, mark and i are finally able to build a nest that reflects us both.  when i moved in almost six months ago, we knew a renovation was coming, so we held off projects we had in mind to make his place our place.  don't get me wrong, the man has impeccable taste and the most perfectly curated condo you could imagine (seriously- my crush on him grew the first time i saw it).  but we've got lots of ideas to better store and display our kitchen supplies and copious amounts of books, and to improve the lighting in each room.  we nabbed a very marissa rug recently, and we're on the hunt for a new coffee table.  it's weirdly so fun!  clothing storage will forever be a work-in-progress for me, but i'm feeling really good about my recent closet-to-ebay purges, and will happily spend the proceeds on perfect new throw pillows... if only such a thing existed?!  i like sneaking little color pops into this masculine home of ours, and have found a ton of inspiration on pinterest (duh)!


  1. great, inspiring photos! love the striped walls, and tons of color :)

  2. Quite in love with your inspiration, indeed :)

  3. These photos are beautiful, similar tastes we have, I see :)
    all my love, Sara ~ Chalk White Arrow

  4. Gorgeous pics!! Color is essential in a home. Makes the place happier and joyful

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  5. great photos. I can't wait till we have our own house to decorate.

  6. love the inspiration! i feel like our home is on the masculine side too, so i do the same thing. sneak in pops of color here and there.


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