Monday, September 17, 2012

smashing pumpkin

fall is not so much in the air as it is the stores.  (mine and everyone else's!)  and by fall i mean: pumpkin.  primarily manifesting itself in beverage form, though the perfect scented candle (a science not to be taken lightly), and a seasonal bagel have also been procured.  and it's only mid-september!  not like i invented pumpkin-loving or anything, but BACK IN MY DAY it took an entire evening of liquor store hopping to locate a six-pack of pumpkin beer, there certainly were not 60 varieties to choose from, and you didn't bother looking until october.  it's so easy now that i'm totally overwhelmed!  living in a new city means i get to unleash my pumpkin fanaticism on new friends, one of whom has never had a pumpkin spice latte.  her day is coming.

disclaimer, pumpkin haters: this is not the first or second dalliance on the subject, nor will it be the last!


  1. i love fall & those shoes are awesome.

  2. aahhh, pumpkin everything! I'm so ready.

  3. Falls my favorite. And Southern tier has the best "pumking ale". Taste just like pumpkin pie.


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