Sunday, September 2, 2012


hello, september!  i'm so glad you're here, and not just because those rad andy warhol campbell's soup cans landed on target shelves last night.  (i bought eight.  we're not allowed to ever open them.  i like to teeter that fine line between collector and hoarder.)  i'm glad you're here mostly because it means august is over.  nothing too terrible happened in august: a little home renovation here, a little tropical storm there... and some relentless heat.  no fancy mexican vacations in august, no birthdays- just normal every day life.  and that's fine!  september just brings with it the promise of (slightly) cooler weather, approaching holidays, long weekend trips north and north-er, and- i'm noticing- pumpkin beer even earlier than usual.  true- it also brings the end of my slow-paced summer work hours (hasta luego, friday half-days)- but still, i welcome this new month with open arms.  september signifies the start of autumn in my mind, and we all feel the same way about beautiful, colored skinny jean-ed autumn!

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