Wednesday, September 19, 2012

under the moon

how nuts is it that someone strapped a SPACE SHUTTLE to the top of an airplane and flew it across the country this morning?!  (you watched the news today, right?)  i think this is so crazy cool!  what if it were to fall off?!  (i had donnie darko flashes of a space shuttle crashing into someone's house all morning.)  completely by coincidence, i saw that very shuttle strapped to that very airplane the day before yesterday.  kennedy space center has been on our black-socks-with-sandals florida tourist checklist for a couple months, and its location was the perfect mid-trip stopping point on our roadtrip this past weekend.  i'm embarrassed to tell you that i expected to be bored, and agreed to go only for the astronaut ice cream i remember getting there as a kid.  but... wow.  i learned so much while there, and we only saw a fraction of all there is to see.  my aeronautic-obsessed significant other footed the bill on the $5 upgrade, and we're now annual passholders, so we'll definitely be back to further fill our noggins.  we did have enough time for me to TOUCH A PIECE OF THE MOON, however.  it was smooooothe.  and photos, always time for snapping way too many photos.

1 comment:

  1. now I'm really jealous that you got to touch a piece of the moon...


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