Thursday, September 20, 2012

under the sun

i'd had a good idea about how saturday in jacksonville would go down: sun, seafood, buds, and booze.  (we ate a lot of veggies and drank a lot of water in the days prior.)  mark and i hunkered down at the lemon bar attached to our hotel, and my gracious friends drove over the river and through to woods to meet us on the beach.  my goodness, i love those people.  we caught up over drinks between the ocean and the pool, and then moseyed over to that seafood restaurant.  you know the one; the one we'd eaten all those salads in anticipation of.  after splitting a huge platter of fried everything five ways, we sighed and hugged and melissa said, "i'm so full i can't even text" as she stared at her phone.  the best part about long weekends is that sunday becomes another saturday, and you can eat, drink, and be merry with your favorite people in the world all over again if you wanna (in the shape of pizza and a movie in this case).  mark and i are back to veggies this week, but that bottom photo is going to be an everyday thing when i stick it on the 'fridge

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