Wednesday, October 31, 2012


happy halloween!  it feels like i've been celebrating this holiday for a good six weeks already!  now that it's here, i'm not sure what i'll actually do!  last halloween mark and i were vacationing in new york city; you might remember the october snowstorm that surprised the city that weekend?  that made for some good memories.  this year we're lucky to be in the midst of eerily beautiful (cold!) south florida october weather, but my pumpkin-loving heart goes out to friends, family, and everyone else up north affected by frankenstorm.  if you're not trick-or-treatin' tonight, i hope you're snuggled up safe and warm with your loved ones.  as a hurricane veteran, i suggest the old flashlight-in-the-face ghost story routine!!  sending good vibes for speedy emergency response, restored power, and dry streets this halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

instant memories

bits and pieces from october's end; tucked away safely in my iphone.

Monday, October 29, 2012

park hoppers

well, we did it. we bit the bullet and bought annual passes saturday. this puts us on really dangerous ground, being kidless early 30-somethings and all. i've worked with a couple unmarried cat ladies who love disney, and... i don't want to be that girl. but when i weighed our proximity to disney world and the frequency with which faraway friends take trips to florida for mickey, it only made good financial sense!! i won't wear a pin-laden lanyard or anything, swear. but we'll totally drive north for a weekend if you want to come eat around the world and then take a whirl on space mountain. especially in the next several months, when the holiday decor is poppin' off and the weather is gorgeous. we've got the shortest ride lines down to a science, and i promise to take your family photos for $69 less than those guys in the vests.

Friday, October 26, 2012

etsy: oana befort

i first stumbled upon the beautiful world of oana befort via instagram six months ago or so, and i mean it when i tell you my life's been prettier since.  as soon as i realized she might say yes, i asked her to design a blog header for me and she captured exactly what i wanted on the first try.  girlfriend's gifted.  her etsy shop is one of my favorites right now, and just this week she unveiled holiday cards and a 2013 calendar, in addition to her sweet prints.  take a peek at her shop, and have an extra lovely weekend, friends!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

district of delray

i don't want to get political on this here cat/dress/cake blog or nothin' BUT!  the last few days have been awfully presidential in this once unknown beach town of mine.  perhaps you watched a little debate between two well-dressed gentlemen on television monday night?  they were comin' atcha live from a private university in my neck of the woods-- and road closures aside, obama and romney have been all up in my face lately.  

friday at 4pm it was announced that president obama would have a rally tuesday morning here in delray beach (for those confused: you can stand on several points around town and have one foot in delray, and one in boca raton), and that tickets would be available in ONE HOUR.  4pm friday happens to be quittin' time, so i hustled over to the a ticket distribution spot and stood in the hot hottttt sun for a ticket to hear da rock barack speak.  norfolk '08 all over again!  they gave away over 11,000 tickets and mine was number 156.  (point of pride, no?!)

sunday i had an insatiable hankering for some burger-fi fries, and in addition to spilling ketchup all over my precious white everlane tee, i saw that mr. romney was staying at the marriott literally six paces across the street.  right on my beach!  there were secret service agents inside the restaurant and that makes a gal hyper-aware of everything going on; dude, i really didn't want them to get suspicious of the ketchup all over me.  we scooted out of there a mere 20 minutes before mitt's reported dalliance with my beloved burger-fi veggie burger.  who knew?! 

i skipped the rally yesterday (the job i landed under this president's administration and all), but mark went, and i've got my golden ticket to hold onto forever more.

voting is so important and i respect everyone who supports the candidate they believe in, big time.  oh!  and apparently backstreet boys were filming a documentary in downtown delray monday too?  i don't even know.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


as soon as we heard the sunday edition thud onto our doorstep, we grabbed saturday's pumpkin and dumped that newspaper all over the living room floor.  tile-- we live at the beach!  i've never been even a little decent at drawing (truly the reason i didn't study fashion design in college- waah wah), so i left jack's face to the designer in our home.  luckily we were in agreement that our mondo pumpkin needed a goofy, classic jack-o-lantern grin.  i contributed my specialty- barehanded pumpkin gut extraction- and voila!  we carved ourselves a third roommate.  only one weekend left... maybe i'll get around to slapping some acrylic paint on another pumpkin after all?

ps- one more week to get 15% off all vintage in my shop with code HALLOWEEN.  it's almost here!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

saturdate: pumpkins & bratwurst

yesterday was one of those perfect weekend days.  by noon our chore list was complete, and the day was wide open for nothing but fun.  despite the copious photos i've snapped of pumpkins all month, we actually had yet to pick one for carving.  forget the farmers market, the methodist church knows what's up.  we drove over to their sprawling pumpkin patch, where purchases are on an honor system and all proceeds go to charity.  it's completely volunteer run, and a sweet woman offered to take our photo when she saw me wielding my camera around and directing mark to "hold that huge pumpkin and smile!"  a good pumpkin patch, that one.  our next stop was the oktoberfest a town over i'd heard so much about.  mark went a couple years ago and drank from a boot around his neck, and he's regaled crowds with tales of the boot since.  totally the perfect place for a doin-whatever-saturday lunch, some of us feasted on bratwurst (him), others of us cake (me), and both of us on a forever funny giant pretzel to share.  and beer.  we covered our food pyramid in there somewhere.  i might've done the chicken dance, and seriously considered a lederhosen purchase, but i'll never tell!  shoddy carnival rides are pretty much my favorite backdrop in life, so i was happy as could be on this little saturdate with my guy.  we were still hot and sunscreen was a must, as usual, but i'm growing to love october in south florida.  we do things a bit differently down here for autumn, but somehow, still exactly the same.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

pumpkin hi

happy weekend, pumpkins!!  we're smack-dab in the middle of a very octoberfestive weekend over here... follow along on instagram @stylebook!  xoxo.
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